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We are a web development company located in the United States, we do all of our work in-house and have close to ten years of experience in web/software development in both design and programming as well as in servers and hosting.

We specialize in custom code, high traffic and ecommerce sites. All of the projects we undertake are made to handle very high loads, most of them 300k+ unique visitors per day. In addition to everyday websites we handle a large portion of adult/NSFW sites as well, if that is more your speed please speak with an administrator and they will direct you to our adult portfolio. For a small sample of our "clean" portfolio click the portfolio tab at the top of the page.

Regardless of the project we can create an unparalleled level of work and provide a final product second to none. Any venture that you want to dip your toes into feel free to drop us a line and we would love to discuss the details a bit further with you and get a good understanding of what you are going for. For the time being enjoy our beautiful site and hope we'll be working together in the near future. Whatever the task at hand, you'll find yourself in good hands with Code Works.

-The Code Works Plus Team- Sorry, we weren't expecting you quite so soon! We launched our new website to give our existing clients a bit more functionality, but we're still polishing up and revising some of our latest pages. Check back tomorrow, same time, same place.
What do our clients say?
God Bless the minds behind codeworksplus, this site has "filled the bill" for me, it has brought the fine details of formatting, web designing, friendly user tools to a new level, in my business of Tourisum-- I work with a number of different clients on financial matters, reservations scheduling, and catering of every kind. Codeworksplus came through for me every time, I was a frequent user of another site, where there were any number of set backs, as a result--my responses to clients were delayed however-- so I decided to try codeworksplus, and boy did i kick my self for not trying them before, I highly recommend codeworksplus to any one who are looking for the best in service, professional advice, and candor recommendation.

-F. Ferguson
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