The Code Works Services

We value creativity that achieves results - not just the kind that "looks" good.
In Stanford University’s Web Credibility Project: “46% of people determine their perception of your Web site’s
credibility based solely on visual design.

At CodeWorksPlus we keep this in mind by developing aesthetically impressive designs for our clients ensuring a balance between your site’s appearance and functionality. Creative web design is more than just cool art - it is about a solid balance between usability and developing any project with your site’s growth in mind. Navigation, banner-ad placement and content delivery are all things we keep in mind when developing your design.

We take great pride in creating websites that comply to the web standards set out by the Worldwide Web
Consortium (W3C) guaranteeing that all your webpages will be valid, accessible and error-free. Each of our website designs are accessible from all internet browsers and mobile devices, as well as automated website reading tools for the disabled.

Through effective communication, we will ensure that your basic goals and expectations are met, and through creativity & style we aim to exceed these expectations. At the beginning of each project we will work with you to come up with a project plan that will help us help you.
Design Specialties
  • Innovative Template Design
  • Graphics & Logo Design
  • XHTML & CSS Coding
  • Flash Animation
What do our clients say?
I interviewed around 15 professional coders and freelance coders before I decided to work with CodeWorksPlus. They understood my project requirements very well and were able to come up with innovative ways to improve my application. They had no problem answering my questions and were always available to send me progress updates. I highly reccommend CodeWorks. They were a pleasure to work with and I am convinced I got MORE than what I paid for.

-Alex M
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